Kalamunda VFRS Station 118

Kalamunda VFRS



23rd March 1959

Inaugural meeting of the Foundation members of the Kalamunda Brigade attended by Messrs:-

M.E. Barnes,

W.T. Halse,

H.R. Law,

P.A. Conrad,

D.H. Hood, 

N.C. Pember,

F.B. Cooper,

R.F. Howard,

T.W. Smith,

T.J. Halse,

V.A. Jones, and

V.E. Watson.


23rd March 1959

The following were elected as Office Bearers:-

Captain:-                T. Smith

Foreman:-              T. Halse

Apparatus Officer:- W. Halse

Secretary:-             F Cooper


10th September 1959

Dodge Fire Engine - Motor No. 10 fitted with a 150/200g.p.m. pump officially handed over at the Road Board premises.


1st November 1961

Approval given to construct a Fire Station in Kalamunda during the current financial year.


28th May 1963

First meeting held in the new Fire Station at 38 Central Road Kalamunda.


25th July 1963

Bedford Fire Truck No.2 arrived on station and placed in service officially on the 1st August 1963.

Licence No. KM000 had 97 miles on the clock.


10th August 1963

Kalamunda Fire Station was officially opened at 10.30am by the Hon Ross Hutchison Chief Secretary. 


16th June 1964

The Brigade resolved to purchase the outgoing (13) brass helmets and give them to the members - to be distributed by seniority. The cost was 1 pound each.



23rd September 1973

The supposed cause of a house fire was listed as "Careless housewife". The family had gone out and left a pot cooking on the stove. No sign of political correctness.



9th December 1973

Light Tanker Number 84 was introduced to the Brigade and this now makes KVFRS a two vehicle turnout Brigade.



9th November 1974

LT 84 was turned on its side



30th March 1975

KVFRS attended its 1000th fire - a grass fire in Enid Road Kalamunda. This has taken 16 years and one month.



4th June 1975

Breathing apparatus is first mooted for the Brigade



14th April 1976

Pagers are first mooted for the Brigade, but eventually shelved



8th July 1976

Light Tanker 84 was replaced with a Ford F250 Light Tanker - LT 156



30th September 1976

Light Tanker 156 was replaced with a Toyota Landcruiser - LT 61. It seems the 'blue oval' was not quite up to scratch.



15th March 1978

Six members were selected to be the first Kalamunda Firefighters to be trained in the use of Breathing Apparatus.



17th January 1979

The Brigade was to receive 5 pagers for evaluation



25th February 1979

Extensions to the rear carpark commenced



30th June 1979

Kalamunda Station conducted its first official Open Day (Saturday & Sunday) - run in conjunction with WA's 150th celebrations.



16th February 1983

Bedford Fire Truck No.2 was de-commissioned. In 19 Years 6 Months the appliance attended 1862 incidents.



16th February 1983

International ACCO Medium Pumper MP124 commissioned.



9th December 1983

KVFRS attended its 2000th fire - a grass fire in Kalamunda Road Kalamunda. The second thousand took 8 years and eight months.



5th April 1986

Brigade attends a kitchen fire in John Street Gooseberry Hill. Fire was caused by the owner leaving a pot on the stove which boiled dry causing extensive damage to the kitchen and smoke damage throughout. The significance is that the owner subsequently became a long serving member of the Brigade.



3rd July 1988

Kalamunda Station hosted an Open Day



11th June 1989

At 12.18 the Brigade was called to probably its most traumatic incident - a traffic accident at the corner of Lesmurdie Road and Gladys Road Lesmurdie Three generations of one family lost their lives (Grandmother, Mother & Daughter) in a two car collision. The repercussions were felt for some time.



25th November 1990

At 15.21 a call was received to a property fire in Gooseberry Hill. A prompt response resulted in a woman being found by 2 firefighters wearing Breathing Apparatus. She had collapsed on the bedroom floor in a smoke filled house. Thanks to their efforts and other firefighters outside administering mouth to mouth resuscitation, she was resuscitated and eventually made a full recovery - a rewarding effort by all.  



28th January 1991

At 21.59 the Brigade was called to a car on fire at the top of Crystal Brook Road in Lesmurdie. The car was allegedly pushed over the side of the hill but no trace was ever found. What happened to the mystery car? (Refer to 26th March 2000)



7th April 1991

KVFRS attended its 3000th fire - a shed fire in Haynes Street Kalamunda. The third thousand took 7 years and 5 months.



16th February 1992

At 2.32am the Brigade was called to assist at a well rescue in Lesmurdie. Prior to being called, a tragic series of events saw two lives lost when a young man entered a well and succumbed to toxic fumes. A well intentioned rescuer also became a victim and another almost lost his life as well.



13th September 1992

An Open Day at the Station was attended by an estimated 4000 people through the day. The highlight appeared to be the rides given on the Perth hydraulic platform giving the lucky few a spectacular view of the area and over the trees looking down to Perth.


5th September 1993

Who is the enemy? At a house fire in George Road Lesmurdie, the occurrence book shows that F/F Nick Rowe was KO'd by F/F Repacholi hitting him with a ladder. One can only presume it was not deliberate!!!


26th September 1995

Ex-Capt King (Captain for 10 years), a stalwart of the Brigade - over 33 years of service with the Kalamunda Brigade and a further 7 years with Bassendean Volunteers passed away.



25th February 1997

KVFRS attended its 4000th fire - a vacuum cleaner fire in Palmateer Road Carmel. The fourth thousand took 6 years and 10 months



24th May 1997

At 23.49 a call was received to assist police at Kalamunda Central. Two suspects were bravely eluding police on the roof and taunting them. When the Brigade arrived and a ladder set up, the two young men surrendered meekly after looking at the three burly firefighters



22nd May 1999

The Brigade celebrated its 40th birthday by gathering as many past members as possible for a function at the Kalamunda Ag Hall.



13th February 2000

The Brigade was called to a Hazchem incident where a few drums of unknown liquid had been spilled. This was minor compared to what else was in the pantech - millions of dollars worth of electrical equipment - stolen of course. The thieves had made off with what they wanted and left the rest. Unfortunately, the site by then was well guarded by police.



26th March 2000

At 3.22am the Brigade was redirected whilst at an incident, to attend a scrub fire at the top of  Crystal Brook Road Lesmurdie. During firefighting operations, a Holden Commodore was found at the bottom of a ravine buried under bamboo with no one in attendance and no sign of how long it had been there. Could it have been the car 'lost' on the 28th January 1991. Probably not, but it makes a good story.



14th October 2001

An Open Day at the Kalamunda Station introduces the new Scania appliance to the public.



21st October 2001

International ACCO Medium Pumper MP124 de-commissioned. In 18 Years 8 Months the appliance attended 2956 incidents.



21st October 2001

Scania Medium Pumper MP65 was officially handed over to Captain Moiler by the Emergency Services Minister Michelle Roberts. Licence No. KM000 had approx. 2000kms on the clock.



29th October 2001

Kalamunda is not immune. At 8.47am a call was received to a telephone box at 161 Railway Road in Gooseberry Hill. A white powder is discovered in the phone box and the Brigade implements its procedures to deal with a possible anthrax threat. Ultimately it is found to be a talcum powder used by a telephone technician.



15th February 2002

KVFRS attended its 5000th fire - a car accident outside number 9 Lascelles Parade in Gooseberry Hill. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt and the Brigade just had to hose the road down. The fifth thousand took just under 5 years.



21st September 2002

At 1.42am en route to a small rubbish fire, the Brigade was redirected to a motor vehicle accident in Kent Street Maida Vale, which ultimately turned out to be one of the most bizaare incidents attended. On turning into the street, an 'old car body' was passed (rubbish pick up day was imminent). This was in fact the vehicle involved in the accident and debris was strewn for about 100 metres - it looked like an explosion had torn it apart. A late model Landrover Defender V8 had its back wheels torn out and the rear body of the car torn off. The driver had obviously been speeding, hit several trees and eventually decamped. He had attempted to drive the vehicle without its back wheels - and he did so successfully for 50 or so metres.



13th November 2002

A new Light Tanker, LT264 was delivered to the Brigade



2nd November 2003

Geoffrey Johnston passed away after an extended illness. Geoff was with the Brigade for 27 years and 7 months. He was an Officer for 8 years, which included 2 years as Captain. He was made a Life Member in May 1999. A popular figure, he will be missed.



16th January 2005

Arguably the biggest fire in the Kalamunda District started in Pickering Brook and ultimately burnt out an estimated 28,000 hectares of bush from Karragullen, Pickering Brook, Bartons Mill over to Mundaring Weir and even threatened the Mundaring townsite, Sawyers Valley and Mount Helena. Amazingly no lives or major property was lost.



22nd June 2007

A new Light Tanker, LT376 was delivered to the Brigade with 303kms on the odometer. LT264 served the Brigade for 4 Yrs and 7 mths and had 20631 kms on the clock.



21st October 2007

At its second attempt at an Australasian competition, a team from Kalamunda took out a gold medal in the Pump Suction event.



26th December 2007

KVFRS attended its 6000th fire - a call to assist the BFS to a bush fire in Canning Road/Mason Mill Road in Carmel. The Brigades contribution was not required for an extended period. The sixth thousand took  5 years and 10 months.



21st March 2009

A reunion of members and ex-members was held at the Station to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Brigade. Four Foundation members were included in the roll up of approximately 100 firefighters that made up the bulk of attendees. Seven of the past Captains also attended allowing a unique opportunity to have photos taken together.


2nd May 2014

KVFRS attended its 7000th fire - a call to a car accident in Stanhope road Kalamunda. The Brigade was stood down before even leaving the Station - not a memorable incident. The seventh thousand took  6 years and 5 months.



5th June 2017

Ex-Member and Life Member Derek Fletcher is awarded an OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia) for his services to the community. Derek served with Kalamunda Volunteer Fire & Rescue for 27 Yrs and 5 Mths, but he also served with the Kalamunda Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, the Kalamunda State Emergency Service as well as serving as a Kalamunda Shire Councillor.



15th February 2018

The Brigade lost a long term member of the Brigade. Derek Fletcher who served for 27 Yrs 5ths passed away. Derek had been a Captain for 2 Yrs, Foreman for 4 Yrs, Apparatus Officer for 1 Yr and Secretary for 1 Yr. He was also made a Life Member on the 14th November 1978.



January 26, 2019

The Brigade received its first AFSM - Captain Tony Moiler was awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal for distinguished service to the Kalamunda Fire & Rescue Brigade and to the Community of Kalamunda.



16th March 2019

A reunion of members and ex-members was held at the Station to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Brigade. Approximately 100 firefighters and families celebrated the occassion on Station.



25th May 2019

A gala dinner was held at the Kalamunda Agricultural Hall to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Brigade. Many ex-members and guests joined the current members to celebrate in fine style.



22nd March 2020

In response to the global emergency surrounding a virus (Covid 19), the Brigade implements a two team regime in order to ensure the Brigade can respond to any emergency.( Should a member become infected the whole team is quarantined)



8th June 2020

The Brigade received its second AFSM - Secretary Jim Armanasco was awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal for distinguished service to the Kalamunda Fire & Rescue Brigade and to the Community of Kalamunda.



16th February 2021

KVFRS attended its 8000th fire - a call to a car accident at the corner of Canning Road and Lesmurdie Road Lesmurdie. The only Brigade action was to disconnect batteries and use some spillsorb on oil leaks. The eighth thousand call took  6 years and 10 months.






1000th incident: 30th March 1975 took 16 Years 1 Months

2000th incident: 9th December 1983 took 8 Years 8 Months

3000th incident: 7th April 1991 took 7 Years 5 Months

4000th incident: 25th February 1997 took 6 Years 10 Months

5000th incident: 15th February 2002 took 5 Years

6000th incident: 26th December 2007 took 5 Years 10 Months

7000th incident: 2nd May 2014 took 6 Years 5 Months

8000th incident   16th February 2021    took           6 Years 10 Mths