Kalamunda Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service

Proudly Serving the Community for 60 Years
Kalamunda Fire Station
38 Central Road
Kalamunda WA 6076
P:  08 9257 1666 (answering machine)
F:  08 9257 2455
E:  webmaster@kalamundavfrs.org.au

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Kalamunda Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service
In Memoriam
Geoff Johnston

                Service                   17-03-1976 to 02-11-2003
                Life Member           25-05-1999
                Apparatus Officer   01-07-1987 to 30-06-1989
                Captain                  01-07-1989 to 30-06-1991
                Apparatus Officer   01-07-1994 to 30-06-1997
                Foreman                 01-07-1997 to 30-06-1998


As volunteer firefighters, we do...
what we can, when we can, where we can, if we can and to the very best of our ability.
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